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Committed to Building Your Business through Sustainable, Scalable, and Friction-Free Transactions…

The Next-Gen Payment Commerce Gateway

Because the post-pandemic customer experience is about the web…

– Your future existence hinges on getting this right…

Your Transformation Plan

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What is a Payment Gateway and Why is it the Critical Link in the Web-First Priority Model…?

Because your customer’s Priority is the Internet, Your gateway is the “hub” that connects the numerous service providers, point of sales, payment functions, security, compliance, and performance monitoring together and is key for controlling cost…

As the Leader, how do you Formulate the Winning Strategy,  Forge Your Plan, and leverage your assets into a sustainable competitive advantage??

Because with all the noise, intimidation, and confusion navigating the many decision points that are required becomes next to impossible…


The Web-First Priority is a transactional approach to transforming your business into a high-performance node on the worldwide payments network…

How does it work?

Welcome to the Transaction Transformation Module. Because we understand the challenges that must be confronted to create and integrate an effective web strategy, we have systematized the thousands of hours that we have spent answering these questions into an easy-to-use tool to assist you in this process.

The 4 Steps in Transforming Your Purpose into a Digital Transaction

Step 1: Create Account
Creat your account by...
Step 2: Customer Experience
Select your Customer Experience...
Step 3: Manage Operations
Manage your Operations, Security, and Compliance...
Step 4: Download Plan
Download your Plan...

Start your Transformation…

With Hundreds of Pre Designed – Premium Websites…


Black Swan Commerce Select your Next-Gen Commerce functions…

Committed to Building Sustainable, Scalable, and Friction-Free Transactions

Black Swan Commerce


Black Swan Commerce Transaction Alignment

Black Swan Commerce Transaction Security & Compliance

Black Swan Commerce Customer Experience Planning

Black Swan Commerce Website Design

Black Swan CommerceTailored Product Catalogs

Black Swan Commerce Lead Generation

Black Swan CommerceProduct Description UPC

Black Swan CommerceMarketing Automation

see full list…

Black Swan Commerce

Customer Experience

Black Swan Commerce QuickClick Shopping Cart

Black Swan Commerce E-Commerce

Black Swan Commerce Electronic Invoicing

Black Swan Commerce Recurring Billing

Black Swan Commerce Virtual Terminal

Black Swan Commerce Reatail / EMV

Black Swan Commerce Gift Cards

Black Swan Commerce Mobile Applications

see full list…

Black Swan Commerce

Unified Back Office

Black Swan Commerce Customer Relationship Mngt. CRM

Black Swan Commerce Project Management

Black Swan Commerce HR & Payroll

Black Swan Commerce Accounting

Black Swan Commerce Manufacturing

Black Swan Commerce Sales & Purchase

Black Swan Commerce Help Desk

Black Swan Commerce Asset Management

see full list…

Black Swan Commerce

Network – Security – Compliance

Black Swan Commerce Security and SD-WAN

Black Swan CommerceWireless WAN

Black Swan CommerceWireless LAN

Black Swan CommerceSwitching

Black Swan CommerceSmart Cameras

Black Swan CommerceDevice Security Management

Black Swan CommerceFacility Sensors

Black Swan Commerce PCI Compliance and Management

see full list…

Delivered as a Seamless Customer Experience

Black Swan Commerce


Black Swan Commerce Tailored Product Catalogs

Black Swan Commerce Custom Pricing

Black Swan Commerce Product Presentation

Black Swan Commerce Request For Quote

Black Swan Commerce Corporate Account Managment

Black Swan Commerce Recurring Order Set Up

Black Swan Commerce Shopping Cart

Black Swan Commerce Shipping & Fulfillment

Black Swan Commerce Mobile/Apps Payments

Black Swan Commerce


Black Swan Commerce Unified Point Of Sale/E-commerce

Black Swan Commerce EMV Support

Black Swan Commerce Barcode Support

Black Swan Commerce Dynamic Pricing & Discounting

Black Swan Commerce Gift Cards

Black Swan Commerce Inventory Management

Black Swan Commerce Bookings

Black Swan Commerce Box Office Events

Black Swan Commerce Unattended Payments

Black Swan Commerce

Affiliate Cloud Mall

Black Swan Commerce Order Management

Black Swan Commerce Unlimited Vendors

Black Swan Commerce Vendor Management

Black Swan Commerce Seller Verification

Black Swan Commerce Geolocation

Black Swan Commerce Auction Area

Black Swan Commerce Live Chat Support

Black Swan Commerce Integrated Payments

Black Swan Commerce Coupon Creation

Black Swan Commerce

Partner Program

Black Swan Commerce Fraud Prevention

Black Swan Commerce Terminal Management System TMS

Black Swan Commerce Remote Key Injection RKI

Black Swan Commerce Inventory Manager

Black Swan Commerce 175+ Shopping Cart Integrations

Black Swan Commerce 200+ Processor Integrations

Black Swan Commerce QuickBooks Plug-In

Black Swan Commerce Precertified Devices

Black Swan Commerce Partner Program

Or, get off to a fast start with our included solutions

Included Commerce Gateway Solutions…

Shopping Cart
This tutorial will show you how to use this gateway’s hosted shopping cart solution. You’ll learn how to use the button generator to create links or buttons so customers can make purchases from your website. You'll also learn how to customize these buttons by including a redirect link following a transaction and a security key to ensure transactions are secure.
Product Manager
The Product Manager can help to save you time by only having to enter product information once. You'll learn how to define your products and packages, including SKU, description, pricing and other product information. In addition, you'll see how to access your created products and packages when processing a transaction.
iProcess is a simple point of sale app for iOS and Android. It allows you to process card-present transactions and view transaction history from your mobile device. Process sales, credits, refunds, and voids all from your phone, and use its detailed reporting to keep track of your customers’ purchases.
SwIPe is a Microsoft Windows based PC application designed for face-to-face retail merchants. After downloading and installing SwIPe on your computer, merchants can accept card-present transactions securely using an encrypted card reader.

Quick Function Button Generators Examples

Customer Vault
Learn how Customer Vault can help you can store and secure customer data. You’ll also get step-by-step instructions for adding and managing customer information, including how to run a transaction from data already entered in the vault.
In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to create invoices within the gateway. We’ll cover setting invoice amounts, terms, payment methods, and order details as well as how to manage all created invoices.
In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to use this fraud protection tool to flag or block specific transactions running through your gateway account. You’ll discover how to set rules for transactions based on thresholds, user bans and exceptions, along with learning how to review flagged transactions, and access the status of all transactions run through the gateway.
Transaction Routing
This tutorial shows you how to automatically route credit card and check transactions to different processors. You’ll learn how to set the processor and dollar amounts as well as the maximum dollar amounts that can be routed to each processor.

Security and Compliance

PCI Compliance v3.2, Requirement 12.6 Implement a formal security awareness program…

What is a Security Awareness Program?

If designed properly, your Security Awareness Program will scope and systemize everything your business needs to be secure and compliant. See the Transaction Lab for more information.

Black Swan Commerce

Intrusion Detection with

Advanced Malware Protection

Because every network is a potential target for malicious attack. Gain real-time visibility and defense from the bad actors that seek to disrupt your client or merchant’s business.

The Threat is Real


of businesses experienced a significant security-related event in 2019.

Cisco: Annual Cybersecurity Report 2019

5 Min

is the average time required to hack an IoT (Internet of Things) devices.

NETSCOUT: Threat Intelligence Report 2018


is the shortage of cybersecurity professionals globally.

Cisco: Annual Cybersecurity Report 2019


is the likelihood of an organization experiencing a security breach within two years.

IBM: Cost of a Data Breach Report 2019

Black Swan Commerce

Consulting, Developers, ISOs, ISVs – Expanding your Value Proposition and Revenue

Partner Program

Today’s Unified Commerce Mandate

Black Swan Commerce

Trusted Advisors and Consultants

Do you have clients looking to:

  • Create their Payments Strategy with contactless payments?
  • Develop or update their web presence and marketing?
  • Establish cost-controls in IT and electronic payments fees?
  • Streamline their compliance programs?
  • Be less “Big-Tech” dependent?

Let us assist you in transforming your client or merchant’s business by delivering a flexible, high-performing, fraud and chargeback protecting, secure, and compliant transaction network.

Built for the Professional that is looking to provide a full Transaction Experience to their client.

  • Design
  • Quote
  • Procurement
  • Implementation
  • Management

Full design or step-by-step, the Transaction Lab will organize and maximize the journey.

The Full Transaction Experience

  • Account Dashboard
  • Transaction Workflow
  • Customer Experience
  • Merchant Services
  • Next-Gen Services
  • Gateway Essentials
  • Advanced Services
  • Security & Compliance
  • Feedback & Learning
  • Pillars & Planning
  • Report: Transaction Strategy and Budgeting

Developers – One Platform, Endless Possibilities

Our flexible processor connections, a wide range of devices, third-party integrations, APIs, and SDKs enable you to offer payment solutions as unique as your business all on a single gateway platform.

We also provide EMV Kernel software, the nucleus of chip card transactions, to the world’s leading manufacturers of EMV payment devices.

Fully Documented APIs and SDKs

There are multiple ways to incorporate the payment gateway within a website or mobile device. These options vary based upon ease of integration, required resources, features, and additional security.

Black Swan Commerce

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Black Swan Event 2020: The Covid-19 Pandemic

A “Black Swan Event” is defined when something previously unknown, or unrecognized, is revealed as the cause of an experience that results in a disastrous effects…

So what have we learned?



  • Market expansion emphasized system scaling requirements.
  • Payment Industry consolidation pressures merchant choice.
  • Merchants lose more control by bundling their Point-of-Sale and merchant services.


  • Market contraction emphasized system flexibility for e-commerce demand.
  • Payment Industry consolidation pressures merchant choice.
  • Merchants lose more control by bundling their Point-of-Sale and merchant services.

What unknown, if known, would change your world?!

The good news, not all Black Swan Events are bad! In fact, any event with the energy or potential to produce a significant result can be directed if detected and managed.
Reality Check #1. Who you are to the Payments Industry:

To the payment industry, your business is just an end-point on their payments network…

Reality Check #2. Your Purpose to them:

Your purpose is to create transactions, cover the risk, and abide by the rules of the network – as a good merchant should…

Reality Check #3. What’s in it for you?

How do you achieve your dream, establish your purpose, and provide friction-free transactions to your customers with the same process?

Reality Check #4. Are you a Pro?

How do you gain visibility, security, compliance, and maintain cost-control of your transactions?

Reality Check #5. Are you playing to win?

What tools and benefits have the Card Companies provided merchants in this area and how do you take advantage of them?

Black Swan Commerce

What we know:

Business today needs to offer their customers an experience that meets their expectations and:

  • Streamlines operations.
  • Secures data and privacy.
  • Creates sustainability, and
  • Is friction-free!
Black Swan Commerce

What we do:

Because we understand the payment industry and technologies we build payment networks that:

  • Seek to understand your interest and pain.
  • Increase revenue and profitability.
  • Increase security, privacy, and customer experience.
  • Reduce IT and Transaction cost up to 90%.

Black Swan Commerce Group

We exists to be your Safe Harbor Payments Partner that Builds your Business Safely and Fairly.

Black Swan Commerce

Because Your Business Depends on You and Your Payments…

Because Your Business Depends on You and Your Payments…

4. Because You Need a Sustainable Competitive Advantage

Black Swan Commerce

Your Gateway Technology

The Essentials

Currencies Accepted

Accept USD, CAD, and many international currencies based upon processor integration.

Payment Types Accepted

Accept payments from Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, Diners Club, JCB, Giftcards, and ACH.

Merchant Control Panel

Process payments, manage transactions, and generate reports on all payment processing activity from a single account.

Black Swan Commerce

Transaction Routing

Automatically determine which MIDs to route transactions to based on active routing directives using a single gateway account.

Black Swan Commerce

Batch Processing

Upload files to the platform and process large volumes of transactions all at once.

Black Swan Commerce

Product Manager

Enter and manage product SKUs and keep inventory organized with our unified product database.

Black Swan Commerce

Software Integrations

Full customization and control over accepting payments within your own mobile applications and software with our diverse APIs and SDKs.