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Something to Consider…

If you treated your clients or customers the way the payment industry has treated its merchants – How would they feel about doing business with you?…

Something to Consider…

If you treated your clients or customers the way the payment industry has treated its merchants – How would they feel about doing business with you?…

Delivering Your Purpose

Meeting and Relying on Your Payment System –
Your Dream and Customer Experience

EXCERPTS from client conversations regarding taking back control of their payment system and merchant services…

“Impossible, that can’t be done! – Can it?”

“In the big picture, even though I hate the fees, it’s not my biggest problem – Building my team, getting customers, and maintaining their experience is!”

“It has become so complicated, I have all the web stuff (technologies and vendors), then the mobile stuff, then my point of sale which will sometimes drop a transaction, a whole batch, locks up, or times out, and when there is a customer in line – I’m losing money!…”

“I‘m not sure, but my network, wireless network, or the internet, are mysteriously dropping which is extremely frustrating to my employees and impacts our productivity!…”

“Iwas notified by one of the card companies that we were hacked – The fines they are talking about will put us out of business!…”

“It is so frustrating, no one will take responsibility. Each party points at someone else that is not in the room!…”.

“Is there a way to simplify all this so I can focus on my purpose?”

This collage of client comments demonstrates the real concerns and stress points faced by those who run businesses. Failure will threaten your business’ ability to survive. Success means sustainability and the ability to thrive. So what does it take?

Create the force multiplier you need for growth.

Building your business

Transforming Your Transaction

BECAUSE building a secure, scalable, sustainable, and friction-free transaction is key to your future, what will you need from your payment system and partner?

The same technology and the Internet are available to everyone – so what separates the winners from the losers?

At the root, winners are true to their purpose and they accept that the probabilities are not with them. 

Further, the winners choose to learn to understand how their people, their product, their process for creating and exchanging value, and their productivity fuse together into a secure, scalable, sustainable, and friction-free transaction.

The power of this purposeful alignment will simplify your business while weaponizing your payment system into the “tip of the spear” of your customer experiences. Transforming your business into a transaction machine – organically.

Boom! A unified and sustainable effort. Your superpower – driving your friction-free transaction, competitive advantage, vendor selection/management, marketing/sales, cost control, technology, and security as properties of your customer experience – a.k.a., Your Transaction.

“But I already do some or most of this in other areas of my business, why do I need to package it into my transaction and payment system?”

Great question? There are many perspectives in which to answer this question but for now let’s keep it within the context of your purpose and the 4P’s:

  • People: It takes a team, including vendors and service providers to be successful. Each of these team members relies on the revenue generated by the payment system for their compensation.
  • Product: Of the endless technologies and methods available for the payment system, the coveted product of the payment system is the merchant services or merchant account. Why? Because left un-checked it can become the most profitable recurring revenue stream.
  • Process: To establish merchant services you must sign a merchant agreement. In this agreement, it mandates and you agree to comply with the many rules, requirements, and practices of the payment industry.
  • Productivity: Which of the requirements referenced above, if used correctly, can take back control guiding vendor selection and management creating cost-controls and securing this critical service?

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When you need to get it right

How Much of Your Dream are You Willing to Put at Risk or Leave Unrealized?


oday’s ala cart approach to defining your transaction strategy can be hugely inefficient. If treated as an asset and fashioned wholistically, the issues of unethical vendors and the complexities of your networking, points of sale (including e-commerce), data/physical security, and industry compliance(s) will merge into a cohesive, cost-effective, and easily managed marketing weapon.

You have a limit on your time, management attention, and energy. Speed to market makes the difference between realizing the fullness of your dream or placing it at risk by postponing it for later.

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