Pirates or Partner – You Choose

Ill-Gotten Booty or Value Add??   Five Challenges Associated with Electronic Payments:   Electronic Payments are no longer optional. Not long ago, credit/debit payments were considered and marketed as an optional customer convenience. According to Visa,...

Your Business GPS to Making Your Payments Pay

Charging Forward with Confidence and Security Your Business GPS To Making Your Payments PayRather than a roadmap, how about a GPS system for getting you where you need to take your business? After all, it's easier, safer, more reliable, and already in the palm of your...

Unleash Your Purpose as a Friction Free Transactions

Four critical questions: Why does your business exist? How do you extend your Purpose into the digital economy? How do you maximize your results - Safely? How do you simplify these complex requirements into an organizational habit? Thriving in the digital economy...

The Black Swan Theory Meets Feedback

What unknown, if known, would change everything?

Growth With Dignity

Why do you exist? How does your Mission guide your Leadership?